The Simple Life: A Clothesline

The Simple Life: A Clothesline

Often I find myself wondering what else I can do to live closer to the earth, more simply. How can I live more like our pioneer ancestors while still enjoying the pleasures of modern-day life … in moderation?

And sometimes I stumble upon the simplest answer. This time it was: a clothesline.

Such a simple way to do my part, and it hardly takes any room! I’m thinking about getting a second one.

I’ve had clotheslines at other homes in the past but just never thought about installing one here. Isn’t it funny how the most obvious things can slip your mind? But then you ask the question … what more can I do? … and the answer is there. Well, for me, the answer was on Amazon!

Laundry day, from the collection of the
Forks Timber Museum, Washington

I’ve read that hanging laundry to dry, rather than using the clothes dryer, can save an average of $200/year. Not a ton of money, but every little bit helps.

I also enjoy the perks that the clothes/sheets/towels last longer and that I get to smell that fresh-air-laundry smell I remember from childhood!

What step have you taken recently to live closer to the earth?


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