Art Gallery, Home-style

Art Gallery, Home-style

Here’s a fun and simple way to display your munchkin’s artwork … and a great, cheap solution for decorating a blank wall! It’s also the perfect spot to hang paintings or other crafts while they dry. Rotate the display every once in a while, and you’ve got your very own revolving art gallery!



All you need is some picture hanging wire, 2 decorative hooks, and some mini-clothespins. (I ordered mine on Amazon.)




Hang the wire, stretched tightly, on the 2 hooks. Voila!


Back to School … Virtually

Back to School … Virtually

My son starts kindergarten this fall. And we got a nice big gift from his school last week … all of his textbooks and workbooks and necessary school items for the entire year!

Thanks to modern technology, he’ll be attending kindergarten from the comfort and convenience of my home office!

Now hold on a minute … don’t judge!  Continue reading

Little Helpers: Getting Your Kids Involved

Little Helpers

Laura helps Ma make cheese in “Little House in the Big Woods.”
Sketch by Garth Williams.

One of the best ways I know to build a solid, loving relationship with your kiddo and teach good, strong, pioneer/ old-fashioned values and work ethic is to have him or her help you around the house. My munchkin enjoys most chores we do together. Of course, he’s only 5 … I’m sure his enthusiasm may wane as he ages, but the foundation has been laid.  Continue reading