The Simple Life: Easily Amused

The Simple Life: Easily Amused

I love this photo of my Uncle Wayne and Grandpa Watts spending a quiet evening on the farm in Minnesota … around the mid-1950s. When did our modern world of entertainment get so complicated and technical? Why are we so busy?

I’ve heard of Meatless Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays … let’s go for       Simple Sundays (or the day of your choice) and have an evening of unplugged entertainment once a week. What a great example to set for our kids!

The simple life. It’s good for the soul!


The Simple Life: Technology

The Simple Life: Technology

Can we talk for a minute? I mean really talk? A person-to-person, face-to-face conversation? Not a tweet, not an email, not an IM, not a text … a REAL, human interaction. Or at least a phone call! Call me old-fashioned, but I miss those days! Of course, I’m the kind of gal who, thanks to lessons from my grandmother, still writes hand-written thank-you notes. Continue reading