Little Helpers: Getting Your Kids Involved

Little Helpers

Laura helps Ma make cheese in “Little House in the Big Woods.”
Sketch by Garth Williams.

One of the best ways I know to build a solid, loving relationship with your kiddo and teach good, strong, pioneer/ old-fashioned values and work ethic is to have him or her help you around the house. My munchkin enjoys most chores we do together. Of course, he’s only 5 … I’m sure his enthusiasm may wane as he ages, but the foundation has been laid.  Continue reading


Modern Family

Modern Family

Laura & Mary help with the dishes in
“Little House on the Prairie.”
Illustration by Garth Williams.

I love how family was the main thing in the life of a pioneer. Often, the children were each other’s only playmates, and they were big helpers … on the family farm or on the road living in a covered wagon. They offered lots of assistance to their parents … probably one of the reasons families tended to be large back then!!

My son loves doing “pioneer-style” chores … Continue reading